April 5, 2010

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February 21, 2010

Abhaya Kshetram was set up by a Dr.  Thasleem Sultana to provide support, guidance, and future for mentally handicapped and other physically disabled orphans in Tirupati.

The determination with which she went about pursuing her goal for setting up an abode for these people, taking care of them, bringing their plight to notice of others, and tirelessly working for their betterment was something that has to be learnt.

Dr. Sulatana is not the only one doing this, there are thousands like her all over India who have pursued their goals of helping people in need. Some of the goals pursued are old-age homes, adult education, schools, women welfare and vocational training.

One has to be determined enough to pursue what one is convinced about and have understanding of what one is about to do. Just the joy of seeing one’s work helping others is a very fulfilling experience.


February 20, 2010

Never have I felt stopping everything just to watch something as natural with excellence personified as Sehwag batting in test matches.

This tribute to Sehwag makes a grand statement about his abilities, including redefining batting for years to come, and the notion of “bad ball”.

Kudos to Sehwag!

CES 2010 – Digital Book Reader

January 11, 2010

Consumer Electronics show is an annual event.

This year showcased Plastic  Logic’s flexible digital book reader that is flexible and very thin (compared to Kindle).

I expect the digital book Readers to become eNotebooks (registers). Most people will just carry such thin sheet of plastic and electronic pen  to do their day-to-day work and share it with others. Students in classroom will take notes, do projects, submit assignments and write exams using such eNotebooks.

I expect this to happen within next five years. And I look forward to that day!

BTW – Best consumer product in the show was Panasonic 3d Plasma TV as judged by CNET.


January 7, 2010

There is tremendous propaganda in the world about what you do not have, increase your curiosity levels, and bring about deprivation in your life.   One should not be a victim of treating other’s needs as our own needs. Once you feel deprived, you can go at any length to fulfill your needs. You will be not only happy but might even start a war or a riot.

How does one overcome the feeling of deprivation?

One has to increase one’s own understanding on what we need (not what others need) and why.  One can do this through introspection and carefully evaluating one’s requirements. Once we are able to overcome this sense of deprivation, one can lead  a much happier life.